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A domain name is the first gateway to create an impression about your business or service. if you want to register your domain name, buy a domain name of your choice, looking for someone who offers .com , .net , .org domain names registration or are looking for a domain name search and registration company.


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Real Time Monitoring

A technique that allows you to determine the current state of queues and channels within a queue manager. The information returned is accurate at the moment the command was issued.

Privacy Protect

Privacy protection is keeping the information you’d like to keep to yourself from getting into the hands of companies, hackers, government organizations, and other groups.

DNS Control

The domain name system (DNS) is a naming database in which internet domain names are located and translated into Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.

Easy Domain Transfer

To transfer your domain name to another registrant, you can initiate a change of registrant by contacting your current registrar. Your registrar will then ask for your confirmation via a secure mechanism.

Tecnnical Support

Technical support or tech support are the services provided by any hardware or software company to users. They help in solving the technical difficulties the customers face with their products or services.


A subdomain is a prefix added to a domain name to separate a section of your website. Site owners primarily use subdomains to manage extensive sections that require their own content hierarchy, such as online stores, blogs or support platforms.



It is a billing model in which a customer’s subscription to a service  is automatically renewed at the end of an agreed upon period of time.


Domain locking is a free security enhancement offered by  Media Temple to prevent unauthorized transfers of your domain to another registrar or web host by “locking” your domain nameservers.

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